55th Reunion

September 13-16, 2018


Upper Staircase, top to bottom:   Jim Leonard, Milton Morris, Mark Simmons, Jerry McQuay, Carol Butler Jones, Jerry Big Eagle, Mike Pellerzi (hidden)
Landing, right to left:  Ron Olesen, Dennis Naasz, Carol Pyncheon Whitney, Peggy Owens Rath
Lower Staircase, top to bottom: Ruth Ann Spicer Stenberg, Tony Lucas, Julianne Thomas, Al Freiberg, Maxine Otto Tessier, Vicky Hansen Milbrandt, Paula Volk Hunsley, John Whitney, Nina Colbert Maxfield, Dick Lamster (hidden),  Eva Olson Hageman, Joe Hanson
Front Row, left to right: Jim Whitney, Jerry Hunsley, Earl Sherburne, Dan Neiles, Mike Harris     

                              Dick Lamster                             Mike Pellerzi

















Back row, left to right:  Byrdi Naasz, Lee Maxfield, Dawn Morris, Rosie Olesen, Richard Jones, Gordo Milbrandt
Front Row, left to right:   Diane Big Eagle, Gloria Simmons, Sonja Sherburne, Rose Harris, Janice Lucas, Sally Hanson

55 Year Reunion Attendees



                    Diane & Jerry Big Eagle                                Richard Jones &                               Nina Colbert Maxfield

                                                                                                   Carol Butler Jones                                   & Lee Maxfield





                           Al Freiberg                                      Gordo Milbrandt &                            Sally Hanson & Joe Hanson

                                                                                       Vicky Hansen Milbrandt

                            Mike & Rose Harris                               Paula Volk Hunsley &                               Dick Lamster

                                                                                                   Jerry Hunsley

                               Jim Leonard                                         Janice & Tony Lucas                                     Jerry McQuay



                          Milt & Dawn Morris                                Dennis & Byrdi Naasz                                     Dan Neiles

                          Rosie & Ron Olesen                                  Eva Olson Hageman                             Maxine Otto Tessier

                             Peggy Owens Rath                                     Mike Pellerzi                                Carol Pyncheon Whitney 

                                                                                                                                                                  & Jim Whitney                 














                        Earl & Sonja Sherburne                            Gloria & Mark Simmons                       Ruth Ann Spicer Stenberg

                            Julianne Thomas 

                                                                                                     John Whitney

Reunion Hotel

The ClubHouse Hotel & Suites was the venue for the reunion. This is the

second reunion we had at the ClubHouse.  We were very pleased 

with the accommodations, food, and all the extras the hotel provided,

especially use of the Presidential Suite for our Thursday night early bird

gathering and further gatherings during the weekend.

A Pierre Welcome


As classmates arrived in Pierre, they were greeted by signs welcoming them.
Signs were posted at DJ's Clark and Shel's Gas Stop, both on Sioux Avenue.

Reunion Synopsis

Twenty-six classmates, fifteen spouses, and some classmate friends from

10 different states gathered in Pierre September 13-16, 2018 to celebrate

the 55 year reunion of the Class of '63.   Classmates came Alabama, Arizona,

Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska,  North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota,

Tennessee, and Washington to join in the celebration.   We had a weekend filled

with various events and and enjoyed getting reacquainted with one another.

Thursday Night Ice Breaker

We met for our first event in the Presidential Suite at the ClubHouse Hotel on

Thursday night for an "ice breaker" hosted by our classmate Julianne Thomas.  

It was a great opportunity for us to visit and get reacquainted with one anther.  

Booklets and photo albums from previous reunions were available for everyone

to look at.  We enjoyed the food and beverages provided by Julianne, but enjoyed

even more our stroll down memory lane, which made the gathering even more special.

Friday Afternoon Registration

Friday afternoon we set up in the lobby of the Clubhouse

for the reunion registration and greeted classmates

as they arrived for the reunion.

Friday Night Tailgate Party

We scheduled this reunion to coincide with the Pierre Governor’s homecoming so

we gathered at Drifter’s, which is located right on the water on the Ft. Pierre side

of the river, for a tailgate party before we headed to the football game.  Using a

football theme, Paula Volk Hunsley and Jerry Hunsley did an awesome

job decorating for the tailgate party.  They were very creative with the

decorations and everyone commented and appreciated their

decorating skills and how great the decorations were.  Even

an aging Mr. G made an appearance.

Nina Colbert Maxfield and Lee Maxfield provided a cake in the shape

of a football field for dessert, which added that extra special touch

to the dinner and tailgate party.      

Friday Night Governor’s Football Game

We headed to Trautner Field after the tailgate party for the homecoming

game, where the Governor’s hosted the Huron Tigers.  The Class of '63

had a reserved section on the south side of the stadium at about the 40 yard

line, so we were in a good viewing area to watch the game.  Pierre took an early

lead in the game and never gave up the lead, defeating the Tigers 34-7.   After

the game, we gathered in the Presidential Suite at the ClubHouse. 

Saturday Morning Oahe Dam Tour

Thanks to Jerry Hunsley, we had a very unique opportunity to tour the Oahe

Dam Saturday morning.  Since the events of 911, tours of federal dams and

most other federal facilities had been halted due to security concerns.  

However, since Jerry worked at the dam, he requested and received permission

to give us a personal guided tour.  Many classmates who toured the dam

either had fathers who worked on the dam or they themselves worked there.

  It was very interesting to hear their stories of what it was like during the

dam construction.  Jerry took us behind the scenes of the dam and was an

excellent tour guide.   We appreciated the opportunity to tour the dam.

Saturday Afternoon Distillery Tour

In case you didn’t know, there is a distillery in Pierre called Dakota Spirits Distillery.  

It is locally owned and operated by the Rounds brothers (aka The Bickering

Brothers) and is located near the airport.  It is South Dakota’s first

legal distillery.  Their specialties are whiskey, vodka, and brandy.  Saturday

afternoon we had a chance to tour their facility and sample and purchase

their products.   It was interesting to hear how the distillery came to

be and how their products are made.  

Saturday Night Dinner

We met Saturday night in the Highland Hills Ballroom at the ClubHouse for dinner.  

Before dinner we gathered in the ClubHouse lobby for group photos and then

headed over to the Ballroom.

Joe Hanson welcomed everyone to the reunion and thanked the reunion committee

for their work in putting the reunion together; Julianne Thomas for hosting the

early bird gathering on Thursday night; Paula (Volk) Hunsley and Jerry

Hunsley for providing the decorations for the tailgate party;  Nina (Colbert) and

Lee Maxfield for providing the football cake on Friday night; and Jerry Hunsley

for setting up and guiding the tour at Oahe Dam on Saturday morning.  He also

thanked all those who donated door prizes.  


Mike Harris, Class President, was the master of ceremonies.  After dinner, on behalf

of the Class of '63, Mike dedicated the reunion to the 50 deceased members of our class

and paid tribute to them.  He then went through the yearbook person by person and

invited us to share something we remembered about each person, i.e., a favorite

memory, where that person is now, or anything else they wanted to share about

that person.  Everyone enjoyed hearing about each classmate and what made

each classmate so special and memorable.    

We then had a short discussion on when and where to have the next reunion
and whether any one else wanted to take over as reunion chair. No one had
an interest in taking over as chair so Joe & Sally Hanson will continue

to do that.     


Discussion was had about having the next reunion in two years or five years.  The vote

was evenly split but after further discussion it was decided to have the next

reunion in Pierre in five years (2023), with the date and place to be determined

by the reunion committee.


Before we ended the evening, Dick Lamster did the drawings for the door prizes.  We had

a great variety of door prizes that were donated.  The door prizes outnumbered the

attendees so some went home with more than one door prize.





Sunday Breakfast

All good things must come to an end so we ended our reunion Sunday morning

in the breakfast room at the ClubHouse where we gathered for a

farewell breakfast, shared many more good memories and laughs,

and said our goodbyes.


Thank You

    We would like to thank the following who helped make the 55 year

reunion successful and memorable for all of us.  The Reunion Committee

for their assistance in putting this reunion together.  

Without their help, the reunion would not be possible. 

    Nina Colbert Maxfield & Lee Maxfield
    Joe & Sally Hanson
    Mike Harris
    Jerry Hunsley & Paula Volk Hunsley
    Dick Lamster
    Maxine Otto Tessier
    Julianne Thomas

    A special thank you to Julianne Thomas for hosting the Thursday night gathering,

Nina Colbert Maxfield and Lee Maxfield for furnishing the football cake at

the tailgate party, Paula Volk Hunsley & Jerry Hunsley for furnishing the awesome

football decorations for the tailgate party, and Jerry Hunsley for arranging and

guiding the tour of Oahe Dam.  

    The following who donated door prizes:

    Jerry & Diane Big Eagle
    Nina Colbert Maxfield & Lee Maxfield
    Vicky Hansen Milbrandt & Gordo Milbrandt
    Joe & Sally Hanson                
    Mike & Rose Harris
    Jerry Hunsley & Paula Volk Hunsley
    Dick Lamster
    Milt & Dawn Morris
    Dennis & Byrdi Naasz
    Dan Neiles
    Maxine Otto Tessier
    Mark & Gloria Simmons
    Julianne Thomas
    Mary Tyler Zulk

    Nina (Colbert) & Lee Maxfield, Al Freiberg, Sally Hanson, and Dick Lamster

for the wonderful memories caught in the photos they took and sent to us for

inclusion in the web page.  And most of all, the classmates, spouses, guests,

and friends who attended and shared the weekend with us.

    Thank you for the good times, 
    the days you filled with pleasure. 
    Thank you for fond memories, 
    and for feelings we’ll always treasure.


Thanks for the memories!