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     This web page was created for our classmates so we can keep in touch with one another, provide information on upcoming reunions and events, and share information about what's happening in our lives.


     If you have any news that you'd like to share with us, please send that information to us at the below email address or contact us and we will post it in our Message Center:




Riggs High Class of '63

Joe Hanson, Chair

2501 Whisper Wind Drive

Aberdeen, SD 57401

Cell: 605-222-7479


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Many of the documents posted are in PDF.  If you're using a mobile phone, only the first page of the PDF will appear on your screen.  To view the entire document, tap on the page and the entire PDF document will open in a separate window. 

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Web Page Sponsors



Thank you to the following class members who have

made this web page possible by their

generous contributions.  


Jeanne Baumann Cannon        
       Jerry Big Eagle                
Nina Colbert Maxfield        
Jeanne Feurt Lumbaer

Bonnie Forney Mattick

Al Freiberg
        Joe Hanson        
                Mike Harris                
Harald Illig

              Dick Lamster               
              Jim Leonard                
              Milt Morris                
             Dan Neiles                
            Loren Palmer                
Carol Pyncheon Whitney

Sam Ruzick    

    Mark Simmons        
Diana Sonnenschein Stevens    
Julianne Thomas in            
     Memorial for Bill Thomas                  
Janet Tobin Talley            
Mary Tyler Zulk            
Jim Whitney                
John Whitney            

Dick Widdoss             

Janice Wright             

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