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Riggs High Class of '63

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Grade School Photos


Kindergarten - Spring 1951 - Mrs. Nelson

Back row: Bill Thomas, Linda Billington, and me
Front row: Don Madison?, Randy Bethke?, Bill Gilsinger?, Tinker Samko?
Janice Wright, Carol Colby, Tony Lucas, Cheryl Lemcke and ?
(If anyone knows for sure who these ? are, please let us know.)



Lincoln School - 2nd Grade - Miss Miller




Lincoln School - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Thompson



 Lincoln School - 4th Grade - Irene Hanson




Lincoln School - 5th Grade - Rose Hengel



Lincoln School - 6th Grade - Mrs Warder




Mrs. McKnight's Brownie Scout Troop

Linda Billington, Lois Pickney, Janice Wright, Carole Colby,
Karen Reed, Sandra Flannery, Cheryl Lemcke,
Carol Pyncheon, me and Patricia Burke