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2013 50th Reunion 




Staircase, left to right: Bill Thomas, Ruth Ann Spicer Stenberg, Mickey Ottum White, Mike Harris, Jeanne Bauman Cannon, Doris Bauer Hoffman, Carol Butler Jones, Larry Morris, Sharon Black Schatz, Joe Hanson, Sharyn Smith Martinson, Nancy Kindt Lorenzen, Sam Ruzick, Dave Tommervik


Back row, left to right:Wayne Grubbs, Dan Neiles, Mark Simmons, Jerry Big Eagle, Mike Pellerzi, Ron Olesen, Dave Baade, Jim Whitney, Jerry McQuay


Middle row, left to right: Eva Olsen Hageman, Al Freiberg, Mary Tyler Zulk, Jeanne Feurt Lombauer, Julianne Thomas, Nina Colbert Maxfield, Tony Lucas, Milton Morris, Dennis Naasz, Dick Lamster, Jim Leonard


Front row, left to right:Maxine Otto Tessier, Shirley Ward Hensel, Mary Parlet, Judy Jo Williams Smith, Janice Wright, Carol Pyncheon Whitney, Bonnie Forney Mattick, Carol Farries Geis


Attended but not in group photo:





 Spouses and Guests


Back row, left to right:  Sally Hanson, Rosie Oleson, Budd Lombaer, JoAnn Morris,

Gene Zulk, Al Schatz, Nick Korentis, Lee Maxfield, Tom Lorenzen, Bob Hensel


Front row, left to right:  Rose Harris, Dee Ruzick, Dawn Morris, Byrdi Naasz,

Janice Lucas, Anne Marek, Cheryl Sorenson, Gloria Simmons


Attended but not in group photo:





50 Year Reunion Attendees 









Old Friendships are Pure Gold


Thank You


We would like to thank the following who helped make the 50 year reunion successful and memorable in so many ways.


Carol Butler Jones, Nina (Colbert) & Lee Maxfield, Joe & Sally Hanson, Dick Lamster, and Maxine Otto Tessier, who served on the Reunion Committee.


Bill & Julianne Thomas, who hosted and provided the food and champagne toast at the ice breaker on Thursday night.


Milton & Dawn Morris for hosting the reception on Friday night and the brunch on Sunday morning.


Larry Morris for setting up the golf outing.


Nina (Colbert) and Lee Maxfield for providing floral bouquets in honor of the gathering of old friends and to honor our deceased classmates.


Dave Baade, Nina (Colbert) & Lee Maxfield, Bonnie (Forney) Mattick, Joe & Sally Hanson, Mike & Rose Harris, Dick Lamster, Milton & Dawn Morris, Dennis & Byrdie Naasz, Maxine (Otto) Tessier, Tinker (Samco) Crawford, Mark & Gloria Simmons, Sharyn (Smith) Martinson, Dave Tommervik & Anne Marek, Mary (Tyler) & Gene Zulk, and Judy Jo (Williams) Smith for donating door prizes.


Al Schatz,  Lee Maxfield, Sally Hanson, and Dawn Morris for the wonderful memories caught in the photos they took and sent to us for inclusion in the web page.   


And most of all, the classmates, spouses, guests, and friends who attended and shared the weekend with us. As one classmate said "What a wonderful weekend this was to be able to get together with old friends. You can't put a price on friendships like this."    How true that is!







Floral arrangements compliments of Nina (Colbert) & Lee Maxfield



Reunion Hotel


The ClubHouse Hotel & Suites was the venue for the reunion. The ClubHouse is a new hotel in Pierre so we were excited to be at a new facility and were very pleased with the accommodations, food, and all the extras the hotel provided.




A Pierre Welcome 


As classmates arrived in Pierre, they were greeted by signs welcoming them. Signs were posted at the former Burke Real Estate location on the corner of Capitol and Highland, as well as DJ's Clark and Shel's Gas Stop, both on Sioux Avenue.












Reunion Synopsis


Forty-seven classmates, twenty-one spouses and guests, and many other family members and friends from 20 different states gathered in Pierre June 27-30 to celebrate the 50 year reunion of the Class of '63. Classmates came from Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming to join in the celebration. Some arrived in little sports cars, some flew commercially, and we even had a couple who came in their Harley Davidson, and one classmate who flew his own airplane into Pierre.




                                             Dan Neiles





 Carol (Pyncheon) & Jim Whitney





 Al Freiberg



This 50 year reunion was very special in many ways. We not only celebrated our 50 year reunion, we also had the opportunity to see and get reacquainted with four classmates whom many of us hadn't seen since graduation. First time reunion attendees were Sharon Black Schatz and her husband, Al; Jeanne Feurt Lombaer and her husband, Budd; Susan Johnson Markve; and Shirley Ward Hensel and her husband, Bob. It was great to see these classmates after all these years and to meet their spouses. We enjoyed visiting with them and hope they will come back for future reunions.




Thursday Night Ice Breaker


Our first gathering was on Thursday night when we met in the Presidential Suite at the ClubHouse for an "ice breaker" hosted by classmates Bill & Julianne Thomas. Classmates were anxious and excited to see one another and started arriving well before the designated start time. Booklets and photo albums from previous reunions were available but only a few people viewed them as everyone was too busy visiting with one another - - which is a good sign that they enjoyed being together. It was a great start for the reunion and we appreciated the great food and champagne toast provided by Bill & Julianne, which made the event even more special.























































































































Friday Registration


Friday afternoon was the official reunion registration in the lobby of the Clubhouse. In addition to classmates gathering at the registration, many friends and relatives of classmates gathered there as well.











































































Friday Night Reception


The reception at the Morris' home on Friday night was exceptional. As at past reunions, Milton and Dawn were the perfect, gracious hosts and we thank them for opening their home to us. We enjoyed a variety of food and beverages and were able to take full advantage of a beautiful summer evening outdoors relaxing on their patio, enjoying the nice weather and the beauty of the river.
















































































































































































































Saturday Golf



Saturday morning several classmates headed to the golf course to play a couple rounds of golf, where the team of Jim Carr, Al Frieberg, Larry Morris, and Sharyn (Smith) Martinson won over the team of Bonnie (Forney) Mattick, Jim Leonard, and Mark Simmons by a score of 71 to

73.   Thanks to Larry Morris we even have the score cards to show you.








Saturday Riggs Tour




Other classmates gathered at Riggs High Saturday morning to tour the high school.  For many of these classmates, it was the first time they'd been in the high school since graduation and they were amazed at the additions and many changes that had taken place over the past 50 years.


No one from the high school staff was able to guide the tour so Joe Hanson and Dick Lamster took on the role of tour guides. We toured both the old and new sections, the gym, the theater, and many classrooms, including the computer lab, auto mechanics, and wood shop.
















































 Ruth Ann (Spicer) Stenberg even found the site of her old locker.



We also found plaques honoring two of our classmates, Dave Baade and Jerry Hunsley, who were inducted into the Riggs Hall of Fame for their athletic abililty; Dave was inducted in 2005 and Jerry in 2012.   
















A bonus to the tour was the "behind the scenes" facts and stories related by Dan Neiles of things only the pricipal's son would know. It was interesting to hear things from another perspective and we got a lot of laughs from Dan's stories.







Zesto Anyone?


After our visit to Riggs, some of us went to Zesto for a treat. After all, what kind of a reunion would it be if Zesto wasn't on the agenda?























Saturday Night Dinner


We met Saturday night in the Highland Hills Ballroom at the ClubHouse for dinner. Before dinner we gathered in the hotel lobby and on the steps of the ClubHouse for group photos and then headed over to the ballroom. 











































Joe Hanson welcomed everyone to the reunion and thanked the reunion committee,  Bill and Julianne Thomas for hosting the ice breaker on Thursday night, Milton & Dawn Morris for hosting the reception on Friday night and the brunch on Sunday morning, Nina (Colbert) and Lee Maxfield for providing floral bouquets, and all those who donated door prizes.






Mike Harris, Class President, was the master of ceremonies.







In Memoriam


After dinner, on behalf of the Class of '63, Mike dedicated the reunion to the 36 deceased members of our class and paid tribute to them by reading their names and calling for a moment of silence. A card designated for each deceased classmate was on display that included their name, their photo from high school, and their date of death. Beside each card, was a lit candle in honor of each classmate.


The following deceased classmates were honored:


Maxine Adams                                      Clifford Bad Moccasin

Mary Brashear Pitlick                          William Creager

Kay Cruse Graff                                   Thomas Douglas

Randi Gage Hoffman                            Frank Gates

Nancy Gregg Wolfe                               Richard Hanson

Merl Hawkins                                        Jerold Hirsch

Harry Hogan                                          Don Hunsley

Robert Jacobs                                         Marilyn Jennings

James Kelly                                             Nancy Kukuk VanCleave

Cheryl Lemcke Schalde                          Marlys Mascher

Pete (Jack) Miller                                    Julie Ondricek Sichterman

Barry Owens                                            Brent Palmer

Betty Schlaak                                           Tom Schlim

Vi Shueth Alcott                                       Ward Singleton

Richard Smith                                          Ronald Smith

Ed Sorenson                                              Linda Thompson Carlson

Alan Thomsen                                           John Waddell

Phyllis Wagner Whitney                           Lionell Williams









Thinking of You" cards were circulated among the classmates to send to three of our classmates, Jack Kitchen, Karen (Reed) Hegre, and Steve Schultz, who are currently in convalescent homes and were not able to attend the reunion because of health conditions.



Next Reunion


We then had a short discussion on when and where to have the next reunion and whether any one else wanted to take over as reunion chair. No one had an interest in taking over as chair so Joe & Sally Hanson will continue to do that. The majority of the classmates voted to have the next reunion in Pierre in five years (2018). Some discussion was had to move the reunion from the summer to the fall and it was decided that the reunion committee could make that determination.




Walk Down Memory Lane


Dick Lamster presented the written memories from high school sent in by Noel Erickson, Jeanne (Feurt) Lombaer, Bonnie (Forney) Mattick, Joe Hanson, Dick Lamster, Dan Neiles, and Sam Ruzick .





The written stories are posted on the High School Memories page on this site.  After their stories were read, those classmates who submitted their stories and were in attendance were given an opportunity to further reflect on their stories. An invitation was then extended to all of the classmates to share any memories they had. This was a very interesting and entertaining event. We heard additional stories from Mike Pellerzi, Julianne Thomas, Al Freiberg, Gene Zulk, Sharyn (Smith) Martinson, Ruth Ann (Spicer) Stenberg, Dave Tommervik, Milton Morris, Jerry Big Eagle, Eva (Olson) Hageman, Tinker (Samco) Crawford, Mary (Tyler) Zulk,  Bonnie (Forney) Mattick, and Dan Neiles, and  Maxine (Otto) Tessier. Hearing those stories was the highlight of the evening. Many classmates said they couldn't believe some of the stories they hear and that they had not laughed so hard in years.




































All living former teachers were invited to the dinner but Roger Pries and his wife, Suzanne, were the only ones who were able to attend. Roger said he and Suzanne were honored to be there and he shared some of his memories with us.






All attendees were presented with a souvenir bag of home made chocolates and a special 50 year reunion gift.  Classmates received an etched stone made from Opalescence from India that read "Old Friendships are Pure Gold - Class of '63," and each spouse or guest was presented a set of four coasters that were made from a boulder that was found in the Pierre area, tumbled here under the glacier that made the river several thousand years ago.  The etched stones and coasters were made specifically for the Class of '63 by Dakota Classique Rock (Morris, Inc.).





Each person was eligible for a door prize so names were drawn for the various door prizes that were donated and many classmates went home with some very nice prizes, ranging from coins from 1963 to a framed, numbered print of explorers from the Lewis and Clark era (shown behind Jim Leonard in below photo).




It was a great time for gathering together to share old memories and to make new ones.





































































Sunday Brunch


All good things must come to an end so we ended our reunion Sunday morning at the Morris' where we gathered for a farewell brunch and shared many more good memories and laughs.




























































Sharing time and memories with lifelong friends was a great way to celebrate our 50 year reunion. It was a wonderful celebration and we thank all of you who were able to join us and make it so memorable for us. For those of you who were not able to join us, we want you to know that we missed you and that you definitely were with us in spirit. Our next reunion will be in Pierre in 2018 so mark your calendars and plan to join us for another memorable reunion.







Old Friendships are Pure Gold