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Riggs High Class of '63

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1983 Reunion

20 Year Celebration
June 29 - July 1, 1983
Isaak Walton - Pierre

Reunion Synopsis
Nearly one-half of the classmates from the Class of ‘63, their spouses, families and special friends gathered August 12, 13 and 14, 1983 to celebrate our 20 year reunion; many of which had not returned to Pierre since graduation. Classmates came from as far away as California, New Jersey, Texas, and from many places in between. Many had changed in their appearance a a good deal & and yet many looked the same as they did twenty years ago.

It was a weekend filled with wonder and excitement. It was a  time for looking back and reminiscing about things that happened in the prime of our youth, and it was a time for reflecting upon the persons and things that helped form and shape our lives into what they are today. It was a time of sharing memories that we will cherish for a long, long time.

It was so nice to see everyone so comfortable with one another and sharing so much of themselves with each other. There was a genuine feeling of caring and friendship for one another throughout the weekend. It was a weekend that we feel brought the Class of ‘63 closer than it had ever been before.

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to gather and share such a meaningful weekend and we anxiously look forward to seeing everyone again when we gather for our 25 year reunion in 1988.


Classmates Who Attended Reunion

Dave Baade
Jeanne Baumann Cannon
Doris Bauer Hoffman
Jerry Big Eagle
Georgina Boggs Kestell
Carol Butler Jones
Nina Colbert Maxfield
Keith Crandall
Kay Cruse Mellon
Tom Douglas
Carole Farries Gies
Wanda Fineran Soper
Al Frieburg
Wayne Grubbs
Mike Harris
Merl Hawkins
Jerry Hunsley
Marilyn Jennings
Dick Lamster
Jim Leonard
Tony Lucas
Richard Miller Milt Morris
Dennis Naasz
Da n Neiles
Ron Olesen
Eva Olson Hageman
Maxine Otto Tessier
Marilee Paulson Hooser
Mike Pellerzi
Gary Porter
Joyce Quenzer Gerlach
Sam Ruzick
Tinker Samko McKenna
Betty Schlaak
Diane Schomer Howard
Mark Simmons
Ron Smith
Diana Sonnenschein Stevens
Ed Sorenson
Ruth Ann Spicer Stenberg
Barb Stoehr Nelson
Julianne Thomas
William ThomasAlan Thomsen
Janet Tobin Turner
Mary Tyler Zulk